Is the heat in your home starting to feel different? At Integrity Comfort Systems, we like to help our customers enjoy temperate, comfortable homes, and part of that — in addition to our top-rated HVAC service — involves arming you with the information you need to enjoy peak heating and cooling performance in your home and minimize your energy bills. 

In today’s blog, we’d like to share you with a couple signs you should watch for that indicate that your heater or furnace needs professional attention. Read on to learn more about what to watch for, and call Integrity Comfort Systems if you notice any issues with your home’s heating! You just might be able to catch small issues before they develop into bigger, costlier problems.


What To Watch For

1. Too Many Parts Replacements In A Short Time

Replacing parts in your heater is not an uncommon element of heating repair, but if you find that your heater is needing to have components replaced on a regular basis, it could be a sign of serious issues with your heater. 


2. Short Heating Cycles

Your heater will turn on and off naturally as your thermostat regulates the temperature in your house. However, if you notice your heater turning on, off, and then off again, it can’t be the thermostat. Short cycling is something that occurs when your heat exchanger overheats. When the exchanger overheats, your heater shuts down, only turning on again once the exchanger has cooled down. Call a heating repair specialist if your heater starts to short-cycle!


3. Uneven Heating

If you notice cold spots in your home while your heater is on, take it as a sign that your heater needs attention. Uneven heating could indicate a number of issues with your home’s heating system, including potential issues with the insulation and ductwork. Call Integrity Comfort Systems to even out your heating!


4. You Have To Turn Up The Heater Higher

If you have to turn up your heat higher than normal to stay comfortable at home, then your heater has an issue that needs to be resolved. If your heater isn’t keeping you warm at your typical temperature setting, get your heater repaired right away! Inefficient heating will make your wallet just as uncomfortable as it makes you. 


5. Your Pilot Light Turns Yellow

We’ll make this one simple — if your furnace is in good condition, it should have a blue pilot light flame. If the pilot light in your furnace burns in any other color — yellow, orange, red, purple, or green — it’s a sign that your furnace’s performance is being hampered by condensates, such as tar or rust. Some could even be harmful to your health!


6. Your Burner Flames Turn Yellow

Similar to your pilot light, your furnace’s burner flames should stay blue too if everything is working properly. A yellow flame indicates the presence of carbon monoxide in your home. This otherwise odorless and colorless gas is dangerous to human health, and you should call a heating repair specialist immediately if you notice a yellow burner flame. 


7. Decreased Indoor Air Quality

You can’t see air quality, but if your house starts to feel stuffy or even hazy, the reason is because your heater needs to be repaired. Malfunctioning furnaces often circulate dust, allergens, and mildew spores throughout homes, so if you notice your allergies getting worse during the colder months, your furnace could be the culprit. 


8. High Power Bills

If your gas bill starts to climb seemingly out of nowhere, that’s an easy sign that your heater is not operating as efficiently as it could be. Get your heater serviced by Integrity Comfort Systems to get the most heat and comfort for your money!


9. You Need To Adjust Your Thermostat Frequently

If you find that you can’t seem to achieve the right temperature for comfort in your home after several tries with the thermostat, it’s likely that the thermostat isn’t the issue. The need to frequently adjust your thermostat is likely indicative of uneven heating throughout your home, and you need a professional to evaluate your heating system. 


10. Your Furnace Makes Strange Noises

Older heaters are susceptible to the occasional rattling, creaking, and even bagning sounds. If you heater starts making noise, call a heater repair specialist and report what you hear! Each sound can be indicative of certain issues. For example, a squealing sound indicates issues with your heater’s motor bearings. Rattling? Your heater’s motor or blower assembly needs a tune-up. 


Get Quick, Reliable Heating Repair

Don’t risk being left out in the cold. Instead of waiting for your heater to break down to get it serviced, save yourself the time, money, and stress of a broken furnace and cold home by calling Integrity Comfort Systems for quick, efficient heating repair! We’re the top-rated HVAC service in the Simi Valley area, and we’ll help you identify and implement cost-effective  heating solutions to stay comfortable in your home. We look forward to helping you!