Our Cooling Services

Integrity Comfort Systems is your #1 resource in Simi Valley for ensuring a cool, comfortable place to live or work. We’ve been helping residents and business owners throughout Greater Los Angeles keep their buildings cool and temperate for more than 20 years and we can provide expert, reliable service and advice, no matter if you need A/C repair, A/C installation or another HVAC service. We know just how important a properly functioning HVAC system is to being able to enjoy life in Los Angeles, and we won’t rest until your cooling system is operating to its best ability.

HVAC service and regular A/C maintenance is not something you can afford to put off! Arranging regular A/C maintenance for your building can seem like an unnecessary expense and hassle, but trust us, it pales in comparison to the expensive discomfort you’ll be in if your A/C system breaks down. Old, poorly-maintained HVAC systems cool your building inefficiently, depriving you of the coolness and comfort you deserve and costing you more money in energy bills than you’d spend on simple, routine A/C maintenance appointments.

Poorly maintained HVAC systems are also a health risk! Improperly maintained HVAC systems can be prone to mold growth and can spread other allergens or pollutants throughout your house if not kept clean via regular maintenance.

Areas We Serve

  • Simi Valley
  • Moorpark
  • Thousand Oaks
  • San Fernando
  • Santa Clarita
  • Pasadena
  • Los Angeles

A/C Service

At Integrity Comfort Systems, we can handle HVAC Service for systems of all sizes and types, from residential homes and apartments to commercial businesses and industrial environments. No matter your needs, we’ll be able to quickly and accurately diagnose the issues your A/C is experiencing and fix it. If your building is in particularly dire straits, we also offer 24-hour emergency A/C repair services for those in need of immediate assistance. We will never charge you more than your quote because we believe in transparent, trustworthy business. That’s why we call ourselves Integrity Comfort Systems. It’s what has made us one of the most experienced and highly rated HVAC contractors in Simi Valley!

We handle A/C installation work, too. If your HVAC system is old and not operating as well as it once did, call our HVAC service technicians! We’ll be able to evaluate the health of your system and provide an honest assessment of whether repairs or a brand new A/C is the best, most cost-efficient step forward for you. If you find that you’re in need of a new HVAC system, we’ll be able to provide recommendations on a variety of A/C models that fit the size and specs of your building and the parameters of your budget, including energy-efficient models!

Your HVAC system is essential to living and working comfortably and deserves to be handled by trustworthy, reliable hands. Call Integrity Comfort Systems for some of the most experienced HVAC service in Los Angeles today!