Routine Maintenance Makes Fiscal Sense

Joining a membership program for HVAC maintenance may sound odd and unnecessary at first, but the savings you’ll enjoy as a Preventative Maintenance Program member far outweigh the cost to join. Much like how getting a checkup at the doctor or the dentist benefits your body, getting your HVAC system checked and tuned-up once or twice a year helps to keep it operating at maximum efficiency, ensuring you the highest level of comfort for the lowest possible energy bill.

Regular servicing also helps the HVAC service technicians at Integrity Comfort Systems identify and repair any issues in your HVAC system that could develop into far more expensive problems down the road if left unaddressed. Heating and cooling systems that fall into disrepair are more than just a drain on your energy bill — they make living and working less comfortable and put your home or business at risk for mold growth and the spread of allergens and pollutants, and they even increase the chances of an electrical fire.

Don’t let your HVAC system fall into disrepair. Join our Preventative Maintenance Membership Program and keep your HVAC system tuned-up for free while enjoying priority service and discounts on our other HVAC services and equipment!

Our Preventative Maintenance Membership Program

Regular Membership
Includes two visits annually, in spring and fall
Yearly: $199
Senior/Veteran Discount: $169

One-Time Membership
Includes one annual visit

One time: $129
One time Senior/Veteran discount: $109

All Preventative Maintenance Contract Members Receive:

  • One Standard 1″ disposable filter replacement each visit
  • 15 percent savings on service calls and repairs
  • Lowest prices on new equipment and system upgrades
  • Priority service over non-members
  • Guaranteed emergency service response within 24 hours

Furnace Maintenance:

  • Thermostat check
  • Heat-exchanger check
  • Pump motor check/lubrication
  • Blower motor amps check
  • Filter system check (clean / replace filter)
  • Pilot burner / flame rod check and clean
  • Safety controls check
  • Heat rise check and adjustment
  • Carbon monoxide test
  • Humidifier damper check
  • Gas piping inspection
  • Chimney / venting system inspection
  • Burners clean
  • Blower clean
  • Secondary heat-exchanger clean
  • Condensate pump / lines check
  • Firing rate check and adjustment
  • Electrical connections check and adjustment
  • System airflow check
  • System switch and/or breaker identification

*  We always leave our customers with any recommendations

A/C Maintenance:

  • Coolant levels and pressure inspection
  • Thermostat check and adjustment
  • Wiring, contacts, capacitors, and relays check
  • Evaporator coil check
  • Condenser inspection and clean
  • Condensate drain inspection
  • Outdoor disconnect inspection
  • Condenser fan motor and blades inspection
  • Compressor at startup inspector

*  We always leave our customers with any recommendations