Want to save money on your company’s energy bills and prolong the life of your HVAC system? Keep reading to learn more!

Your air ducts are a vital part of your building’s HVAC system. They’re similar to lungs — clean, clear air ducts allow air to freely throughout your facility and keep dust from accumulating and allergens from spreading to your workspace. However, if dirt, bacteria, and other gunk are left to collect in your air ducts, your HVAC system will slow down over time, wearing out quicker and operating less efficiently than before. 

Periodic ductwork is therefore critical to the health of your employees and the bottom line of your business, as getting your ducts cleaned ensures that your HVAC system can continue pumping out clean, cool, healthy air with ease. 

But how can you tell that your business needs ductwork without prying open your air vents? There’s plenty of ways to tell, and in today’s blog, the pros at Integrity Comfort Systems will review some of the signs to watch for that your business needs ductwork. If you notice any of the following phenomena, call us out for HVAC service anywhere in Simi Valley or Greater Los Angeles!


You’ve Found Mold In Your Furnace Or HVAC System

Ideally, you should be getting your facility’s HVAC system inspected and services once or twice a year to ensure its peak performance. If your HVAC technician reports mold growing in your furnace or HVAC, have them show you the evidence, then call the indoor air quality experts at Integrity Comfort Systems (if we weren’t the ones inspecting your HVAC in the first place). Our HVAC technicians are specially trained to deal with mold and completely remove it from your system. 


Your Business Is Dusty, No Matter How Often It Is Cleaned

If your employees complain of a dusty office, or you notice dust accumulating noticeably more often than before, don’t invest in more office cleaning — tackle the problem at its source by calling Integrity to schedule ductwork service! A dusty workspace is a great indicator that your HVAC’s air ducts have become clogged and inefficient at maintaining air flow throughout your facility. 


Your Office Was Recently Built Or Renovated

Construction work kicks up a lot of mess, no matter how diligent the crews are about cleaning up after themselves. Unless your HVAC system was left totally uncovered and running during the entire construction or renovation process, you can expect that some dust and dirt made it into your building’s ductwork. 


Your Energy Bills Are Climbing

No one wants to see their bills increase. If you notice that your business has recently had to start paying more for its energy consumption and you haven’t changed anything about the way in which your business is operating, chances are good that it means your HVAC system is having a harder time doing its job — which means your ductwork needs to be cleaned. 


Quality HVAC Ductwork In Simi Valley

When your HVAC system starts to slow down and your bills start to climb, don’t panic or start saving for a new AC unit — call Integrity Comfort Systems in Simi Valley today to get your HVAC and ductwork serviced! We’ll identify and implement the most cost-effective solutions to help you enjoy clean, efficient HVAC function in your company’s facility for years to come. 

And we’re not here for only crises — prevent costly problems before they arise by being proactive with HVAC maintenance! Check out our Maintenance Membership Program to save money on HVAC service and extend the life of your system!